Following the unprecedented situation in relation to Coronavirus, Cedar Dance Animations is presenting a series of free short films called A Chronicle of Spring. The films have been created as a tribute to stressed key workers, including care workers, NHS staff at the forefront of the fight against the virus in the UK, plus all those who have to self-isolate at home, including dancers, artists, teachers, people with disabilities and those who have lost loved ones.

Owing to the restraints caused by Coronavirus, resulting in the delay of the release of The Tutorial Guide to DanceFormsCDA is offering a tranquil series of films set around a rural meandering path in a wild wood during the season of spring.

Note from Janet Randell
The focus is on the surrounding nature: the movement of the wind animating the trees, the daffodils dancing in the breeze, the dappled sun interacting with the branches, the play and flow of water in the stream, in other words, the movement and ‘dance’ of nature that it is all too easy to take for granted. You are invited to pause for a few moments to absorb and to appreciate the less imposing but all-important workings of nature surrounding us, which often we do not have the time to do. The aim is to make us feel relaxed and to connect more closely to our environment and community, so that we may notice the smaller but significant changes more closely.

I planned the wood years ago through the eyes of a choreographer, as a series of woodland scenes around a winding wheelchair access, with the trees and shrubs each playing their part, as it were, in the overall dramatic live scenario. The wood has been used over the years for film and dance projects and varied therapeutic activities supporting those in wheelchairs and people with learning disabilities.

I hope that the unfolding dance of spring will offer a sense of uplifting tranquility and will act as a quiet but positive interlude from the Coronavirus pandemic and associated pressures. When Coronavirus becomes a distant memory, it is hoped that the films will remain a lasting chronicle of the dance of Spring.

Take a Virtual Break from Coronavirus – A Series of Films dedicated to the NHS in the UK
A tranquil journey around a rural meandering path in a wild wood, as the season of spring unfolds.


A Chronicle of Spring

Director: Janet Randell

Artistic Director of The Cedar Dance Theatre Company and Cedar Dance Animations Ltd.; Creator and Producer of The Tutorial Guide to DanceForms 

Cinematographer: Lewis Bayley

Video and Technical Editor of The Tutorial Guide to DanceForms; free-lance Cameraman/Video Editor

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